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Dust Masks

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Dust Masks

Comfortably breathing clean, safe air is important for workers' health and workplace morale. Work environments often conceal hazards that are not immediately recognised. These hazards can cause permanent damage to your health, and in the worst case even be life-threatening.


A dust mask with code FFP1 protects against large, solid particles. Only suitable for protection against irritating, not harmful substances. Minimum filter efficiency of 78%.


A dust mask with code FFP2 protects against solid and liquid irritating aerosols. Minimum filter efficiency of 92%.


A face mask with code FFP3 protects against solid and liquid toxic aerosols. Minimum filter efficiency of 98%.

Unvalved Face Mask

Besides the level of protection that each kind of mask offers, there are also some design elements that you may want to consider. Unvalved masks mean that the filtration system is built into the fabric, and they can therefore be lightweight and fairly discreet. This can make the mask comfortable to wear as they are non-bulky and don’t feel heavy on the face.

Valved Face Mask

The other alternative to an unvalved mask is a valved one. Although this can make the mask slightly bulkier and heavier (as face masks go), it allows air to be let out of the mask. Valved masks are typically less sweaty and stuffy, which can make them more breathable and comfortable to wear.

Choose The Right Respiratory Protection

There are differents aspects to consider when choosing respiratory protective equipment.

  • Identify the hazards
    • Each sector has its own risks and dangers. Whether the construction or automotive industry, it is crucial to list all the risks regarding respiratory protection. Is the worker exposed to gases and vapours?
  • Assess the risk
    • Evaluate the respiratory related risks. Consider skin, eye, face, head and body.
  • Select the right respirator
    • Choose the appropriate masks and systems. CROP has a wide range of disposable and reusable masks that offer a solution for nearly all risks and applications.
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