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Quick Couplings and Adaptors

Quick couplings are also known as quick connect couplers. These are general purpose couplings which can connect at either end of the connection. Hose fittings are designed to optimize air flow for spray guns and air tool performance. CROP sells high-pressure hose connectors and quick release air couplings for pneumatic hoses. These are used to convert the threaded outlet of a breathing air set to a quick release coupling. Quick release hose connectors can be used for air tools such as paint spray guns. Their design is simple: a male end—or plug—is inserted into a female end—or socket—to make a secure, leak-tight seal. They are sometimes called push-to-connect because connecting them requires only a quick push.

High Pressure Hose Connectors

Our range of hose connectors and thread adaptors can be used with high pressure paint hoses. 

Quick Release Air Couplings

Quick release valves and probes can be used for pneumatic hoses. This connector is commonly used to connect breathing air systems but is also suitable for use with air tools, such as spray guns. Quick-release couplings allow you to easily connect and disconnect airlines from either the air compressor or air tool. As mentioned above, quick couplings are designed to seal when disconnected via an internal o-ring, eliminating the need for a shut-off valve. These connections are made up of a male part and a female part which contain the internal pressures when properly connected.

PCL Coupling

PCL couplings can be disconnected simply by pulling back on the collar whilst holding the air hose or spray gun. This can cause the air hose to whip as the compressed air escapes, so it's best not to do this in a busy environment.

Hose Tails

Hose tails can be used to connect couplings to hoses or to connect two hoses together.

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