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Filters & Pressure Regulators

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Air Regulators

Filter regulators with activated carbon removes contaminants. Designed to remove entrained dirt, liquid, oil and water from flowing compressed air. Most filter regulators are supplied with a wall mounted bracket and ball valve controlled air outlet. Air regulators provide precise adjustment of the airflow air pressure for consistent results. However, their design can also restrict air flow and create excessive pressure drop. There are two types of air regulators

  • Wall-mounted
  • Gun-mounted

Larger wall-mounted regulators provide constant air pressure, minimising the pressure drop. Furthermore, the filter regulator is capable of flowing enough air for the gravity gun.

Air pressure

In order to determine if an air regulator is too restrictive, compare readings on the gauge. Keep in mind that the difference between the two readings should be 5 psi or less. There are different types of filter regulators. Here are some examples

  • Air Filter, Water Trap, Regulator & Lubricator
  • Air Filter, Water Trap & Regulator
  • Air Lubricator

Filtration Units

CROP offers wide range of one, two or three-stage filtration systems that supplies the highest quality air to the supplied air respirator system and compressed air tools. An air respirator system removes water and oil aerosols, particles and odours from the facility supplied compressed air. Filter-regulator unit eliminates silicon cratering, microbubbles, and other surface defects, ensuring quality spray painting.

Whirlwind Air Filter

A whirlwind air filter provides a longer life and less pressure drop. It is a patented two-stage filter:

  • Stage 1: the swirl chamber removes large water droplets
  • Stage 2: the filter media removes smaller water droplets, oil droplets and dirt particles

The main advantages of using a whirlwind air filter is that other competitive filters have a smaller inlet surface area that increases pressure drop. In addition, water droplets saturate the filter media which shortens the life of the filter.

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