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SATA RPS stands for Rapid Preparation System and is a quick change system in which you can mix, spray and store paint in the same cup. The RPS system makes spraying paint with your top cup spray gun easier and more efficient. The SATA RPS system is available with 300, 600 and 900ml cups and 125 or 200μm paint filters built into the lid.

SATA's interchangeable cup system. How it works.

SATA's RPS interchangeable cup system works simply and quickly, increasing production. You can apply paint with the SATA RPS system in a few simple steps. The RPS preparation system owes its name to the fact that you work with only one cup from beginning to end. In the cup, you mix the paint, close it with the lid with the filter, mount the cup on your spray gun, spray the paint, and eventually store the paint that remains after use.

Which SATA RPS system should I buy?

Do you want to buy the SATA RPS system? Then you can choose between several sizes cups and filter screens. Depending on the choice of 300, 600 and 900ml cups, you can carry out small repairs or Spotrepair with the small cups, up to spraying entire vehicles with the large ones. You can choose from a 125µm and 200µm paint filter to filter primer, paint or clear coat through.

  • SATA RPS 0.3 litre cups with 125µm filter
  • SATA RPS 0.3 litre cups with 200µm filter
  • SATA RPS 0.6 litre cups with 125µm filter
  • SATA RPS 0.6 litre cups with 200µm filter
  • SATA RPS 0.9 litre cups with 125µm filter
  • SATA RPS 0.9 litre cups with 200µm filter
  • SATA RPS 0.6 litre UV cups with 125µm filter
  • SATA RPS 0.6 litre UV cups with 200µm filter

SATA RPS adapter for spray gun

By default you can connect the RPS system directly to your SATAjet spray gun with a QCC connection. Would you like to connect the RPS interchangeable cup system to another top cup spray gun? Then you need an RPS adapter from SATA. You can also order this adapter online from us, so that you can use the professional SATA interchangeable cup system on your own gun.

Advantages of the SATA RPS system

The SATA RPS interchangeable cup system has many advantages over other similar systems available on the market. The advantages of the SATA RPS system are:

  • The RPS system is flexible, so you can move the cup in any direction. This makes it easier to spray hard-to-reach places, such as wheel arches or if you want to work over your head.
  • Filtering of the paint during spraying.
  • Suitable for primers, 1K and 2K paints and clear coats.
  • Available in 3 sizes for small, medium and large quantities.
  • It is a ventilated system that allows you to use all the paint in the cup.
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