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Fallout Removers

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Iron Remover Car

Fallout Removers can be used to remove embedded contaminants that may be lurking on your vehicle's surfaces. A shiny and smooth car paint starts with a clean, smooth foundation. Washing alone can't remove all of the contaminants on your car. Iron removers are safe, easy to use and do not affect any type of car paint. Use an iron fallout remover before breaking out your compounds and polishes.

Iron and Fallout Remover

The best iron remover car quickly and effectively removes the following contaminants

  • Brake dust
  • Rail dust
  • Industrial fallout
  • Tar
  • Sap
  • Mineral-rich water spots
  • Any number of other difficult contaminants

Dissolve Iron Particles

Car fallout remover is a necessary step in your car’s maintenance routine. Loaded with surfactants, fallout remover dissolves iron and other particles causing a reaction that makes your car look as though its bleeding purple. A fallout cleaner makes preparing your car or vehicle for polish easier than ever before.

Angelwax Revelation Fallout Remover

For really tough iron contamination, try Angelwax Revelation. Angelwax fallout remover is the complete solution for removing harmful ferrous metals from wheels and bodywork, which, if left untreated can penetrate the surface of the paint and create corrosive compounds that can eat through the vehicles paintwork. Through daily use of your vehicle, contamination from both brake dust and road grime attach themselves to the wheels and bodywork.

The high temperature iron found in the brake dust can be very stubborn to remove from both the wheels/bodywork and Angelwax fallout remover identifies the whereabouts of these harmful iron particles on the vehicle by highlighting the contamination visually. Angelwax Revelation is a clear, thick, transparent liquid that is sprayed onto the vehicle and as it begins to work the formula begins to turn purple/red as it makes contact with the ferrous particles.