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Plastic & Vinyl Cleaners

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Clean Rubber & Vinyl

Plastic interior parts are sensitive to dust, dirt and fingerprints. Issues you face with vinyl and rubber are cleaning, protecting and beautifying. CROP stocks a wide range of plastic cleaners for effective and safe cleaning of all plastic parts in your car. A large percentage of the car's surface is rubber or vinyl

  • Dash
  • Steering wheel
  • Car seats
  • Some fenders
  • Console
  • Convertible top
  • Door jambs
  • Tires
  • Exterior trim

Prevent UV Damage

All interior and exterior trim eventually suffer from the effects of sun exposure. Black and dark gray surfaces lose their color and develop a dull, dingy look. The right rubber and vinyl cleaners are formulated to work efficiently without instigating bleeding, fading or drying. Please be aware that other cleaners can cause irreparable damage. Vinyl and rubber car parts are xtremely susceptible to sun-provoked deterioration and UV damage. UV damage can cause dry, fading, brittle, cracking and peeling surfaces.

Restore Black Car Trim

Meguiar's Ultimate Black is the best solution to faded black trim! Use Meguiar's Ultimate Black to restore the color of plastic and rubber surfaces to black. Ultimate black cures like a wax to plastics and vinyl, providing unmatched protection and durability. Dries quickly to a streak-free shine and the polymers restore the dark color. Can be applied to interior and exterior plastic.

Meguiar's PlastX

Meguiars plastic x is an easy to use, rich gel formula that quickly restores optical clarity to both rigid and flexible plastics. PlastX is safe on plastic rear windows on convertible tops, aircraft windows, motorcycle fairings, face shields, headlights and taillights, instrument panels, all clear plastic boat surfaces and aquariums. Meguiar's PlastX also contains highly water-resistant polymers. These specialized hi-tech polymers provide long lasting durable protection to keep your clear plastics clear and beautiful longer. PlastX is non-toxic and does not contain any harsh solvents.

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