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Car Wax Removers

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  1. ANGELWAX Stripped Ease 500ml
    ANGELWAX Stripped Ease - Ontvetter
    €14.94 €12.35 Retail price €16.13
  2. CR515 Siliconenvrije Ontvetter & Reiniger 5 liter
    CR515 Silicon-Free Degreaser and Cleaner - 5 Litre
    €31.46 €26.00 Retail price €42.35 As low as €26.43
  3. CR2000 Aquasiet Watergedragen Ontvetter 5 liter
    CR2000 Aquasiet Waterpower Degreaser - 5 Litre
    €25.41 €21.00 Retail price €41.14 As low as €22.87
  4. System Remmenreiniger Totaal Profi
    Brake Cleaner Trichloroethane free 20 Litre
    €108.90 €90.00 Retail price €131.89
  5. MoTip Remmenreiniger 500ml spuitbus
    MOTIP Power Brake Cleaner in 500ml Aerosol
    €2.11 €1.74 Retail price €2.78 As low as €1.82
  6. FINIXA Leather & Textile degreaser 400ml aerosol - LRS20
    FINIXA LRS20 Leather & Textile Degreaser in 400ml Aerosol
    €33.63 €27.79 Retail price €44.83
  7. SEM Solve Ontvettingsmiddel 3837 in blik
    SEM 38374 Solve Degreaser in Can
    €24.20 €20.00 Retail price €30.25
  8. SEM Solve Ontvettingsmiddel 3837 in spuitbus
    SEM 38373 Solve Degreaser in Aerosol
    €18.15 €15.00 Retail price €22.99
  9. MoTip RVS Reiniger 400ml Spuitbus
    3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish in 600ml Aerosol
    €12.62 €10.43 Retail price €16.37
  10. MOTIP Stainless Steel Cleaner in 400ml Aerosol
    MOTIP Stainless Steel Cleaner in 400ml Aerosol
    €8.62 €7.12 Retail price €11.92
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Pre Wax Cleaners

Car wax removers are powerful degreasers to minimize minor swirls and scratches. Wax remover enhances the color and vitality of car paint. Micro-fine fillers in the car polish camouflage blemishes in the paint by settling into them and rounding over sharp edges. Now that the paint looks and feels its best, a clear protective layer of car wax or a paint sealant will lock in the beauty.

Car Wax Remover

Pre wax cleanser provides that extra professional step when detailing your car. Auto wax remover will ensure your bodywork is prepped and ready for the main wax application, making it as effective as possible.

Paint Cleaner

Paint cleaners or paintwork cleaners are used prior to waxing to deep clean car paint to increase clarity and more importantly allow subsequent waxes or sealants to form a better bond with the paint. Pre Wax Cleaners use either a micro-fine abrasive or chemical cleaner to remove surface contamination still left from the wash stage.

Angelwax Perfect Polish

Angelwax Perfect Polish Pre Wax Paint Cleanser has been designed to beautifully prepare your vehicle paintwork for your chosen sealant or protective wax. Applied by hand, Angelwax Perfect Polish safely and effectively removes light swirls, scratches and oxidation from the surface of the paint. Micro-abrasives in the polish physically cleanse the paintwork to ensure a glossy, smooth surface. As with all of the Angelwax creations, Perfect Polish Pre-Wax Paint Cleanser has been rigorously tested in our laboratory and by the best detailers in the business to ensure that we have formulated yet another perfect product for your vehicle.

Meguiar's Cleaner Wax

Meguiar's Deep Crystal Cleaner Wax is most versatile one step wax specifically formulated to produce eye-dazzling results with less work. A single application gently cleans away light oxidation and blemishes, enhancing colour with polishing nutrients and leaving behind a durable, protective coat of waxes, silicones and polymers, making it an excellent choice.

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