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Convertible top cleaning

Convertible top cleaning when the fabric roof of your convertible car is dirty and dull, or when the convertible top is covered in algae. If you want to clean a convertible roof, the best way to do it is with a convertible roof cleaner. You can use this both to clean the fabric roof of your convertible and to impregnate the convertible top.

Cleaner to clean convertible top

Convertible roof cleaner is the best tool for cleaning a convertible roof. Cleaning a convertible top with cleaner and a brush removes algae, dirt, bird droppings and other contaminants from a fabric roof. At CROP, you can buy convertible roof cleaner from brands such as Meguiars, AutoGlym and Angelwax.

Convertible top cleaning and impregnation

Convertible top cleaning and impregnation ensures that the fabric roof of your convertible is not only completely clean, but also re-protected for the future. By cleaning and impregnating the convertible roof, you bring the soft-top hood of your convertible back into new condition. After impregnating the convertible top it gets a dirt and water repellent effect. Dirt cannot adhere to the sofftop hood and the convertible top repels water giving you a beautiful water beading.

Cleaning your own convertible top? What to look out for!

Are you going to clean the convertible top of your car yourself? Then you should pay attention to a number of points. This prevents improper use of the convertible roof cleaner and possible damage. Use the tips below when cleaning a convertible top yourself.

  • Never clean the convertible top in direct sunlight. Place the car in the shade or inside.
  • Never use bleach, resin cleaner or solvent to clean the fabric convertible roof.
  • Is the convertible roof wet? If so, try not to fold it or keep it folded.
  • Try to keep the car wash to a minimum. Car wash brushes can damage the fabric convertible top.
  • Always read the instructions of the convertible cleaner you intend to use before use.

Advantages: impregnating convertible top

Convertible top impregnation provides many benefits. Impregnating the fabric convertible roof top will protect it again thanks to the dirt and water repellent layer.

  • Convertible roof is protected again
  • Fabric convertible top gets a dirt-repellent effect
  • Impregnation repels water
  • Canopy impregnation prevents algae in the future
  • After cleaning you can easily impregnate the convertible top yourself
  • Color remains longer