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Car Interior Cleaners

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Car Interior Cleaners

Cleaning the interior of your car requires different products, tools and tricks to tackle the exclusive surfaces and areas of your car interior. CROP stocks a wide range of products to clean the interior of your car. A clean car interior not only gives satisfaction, but also extends the life of plastic, rubber, seats, leather and vinyl car upholstery. Car interior can be divided into three general areas

  1. Cleaning
  2. Protecting
  3. Dressing

CROP also offers car care kits that have been personally assembled for convenience and cost-efficiency. Each car care kit is aimed at a different outcome and give your car's interior the full monty.

Car Seat Cleaner

Our interior cleaners are safe and easy to use. CROP helps make your life easier by having the right interior products for the job that really work. Because our car interior cleaners are safe to use, they can also be used on your car's radio and navigation system without affecting the material or leaving streaks. Our professional interior cleaners also provide long-term UV protection. The best way to clean car seats to choose from our outstanding selection of auto detailing products.

Car Upholstery Cleaner

Car upholstery is the most vulnerable of the vehicle's surfaces, and yet it endures the most contact and friction. Car upholstery and carpet shows the signs of aging, usually before other parts of the car. Even if you are the most careful car owner, you cannot avoid eventual wear and tear of interior fibers.

Angelwax Absolution

Angelwax Absolution Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is the perfect way to remove stubborn stains from your vehicles interior and works brilliantly on all types of carpets & fabrics. Angelwax upholstery cleaner contains complex surfactants that have been engineered to quickly and effectively remove dirt, oil and other hard to move stains before leaving your interior looking and smelling fabulous.

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