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Paint Thinner

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Paint Thinner

Generally, paint thinner is used to remove oil-based paint from brushes, rollers, equipment and surfaces. However, paint thinner can also be used for many other applications.

Clean Paint Brushes

A good paint brush, if kept clean, will last for dozens of painting jobs. Use mineral spirits or paint thinner for oil-based paints, stains and varnishes.

  1. Rinse the paint brush thoroughly in lacquer thinner and work the bristles with your hands. Make sure to wear chemical-resistant gloves available in our store.
  2. Spin the paint brush for a couple seconds.
  3. Dip the paint brush into a clean container of thinner and work any remaining paint out of the bristles.
  4. Spin the paint brush again.
  5. Clean the brush in a bucket of soapy water.

Clean Spray Gun

Thinner can be used to clean your spray gun. Any automotive grade lacquer thinner will work fine for gun cleaning.

  1. Remove air regulator and make sure that the compressed air source is disconnected
  2. Open the lid from the paint cup and pour out any unused material
  3. Wipe as much left over material from the cup and lid possible
  4. Pour a small amount of waste thinner into the cup
  5. Shake the paint gun ensuring to coat the inside of the cup with paint thinner
  6. Run paint thinner into waste thinner container through the fluid nozzle
  7. Wipe down spray gun until dry
  8. In case you are not satisfied yet, repeat steps four through seven

H2O Spray Gun Cleaner

H2O Spray Gun Cleaner can be used in combination with all automatic and manual spray gun cleaners. Save time and clean your spray guns for water-based paint.

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