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  1. TEROSON WX 210 Wax Undercoating - Spuitbus
    TEROSON WX 210 Anti Corrosion Wax - Spray
    0 reviews
    €15.49 €12.80 Retail price €16.86
  2. EURO-CRYL Wasbenzine 1 liter
    EURO-CRYL Washing Gasoline - 1 Litre (Small Package)
    0 reviews
    €8.59 €7.10 Retail price €12.10
  3. CROP Thinner A - Blik 1 liter
    EURO-CRYL Thinner A - 1 Litre (Small Package)
    0 reviews
    €7.93 €6.55 Retail price €13.31 As low as €7.53
  4. Tectyl ML Anti-roest in spuitbus
    Valvoline 20070 Tectyl ML Anti-Rust in 5 Liter
    0 reviews
    €117.82 €97.37 Retail price €132.23
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Powerful chemicals

CROP stocks a wide range of powerful chemical products

  • Paint strippers
  • Fuel additives
  • Degreasers
  • Rust converters
  • Underbody coatings

Paint Strippers

Paint remover is designed to remove car paint and varnish from surfaces. Paint strippers can be used to remove paint layers from cars, old furniture and doors. A new layer of paint is often sufficient to give new life to your furniture, vehicles, doors or window frames. There are dozens of methods to remove paint. However, the most effective ways involve the use of a heat gun or a paint remover. When applying paint stripper, we recommend to use paint remover in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors.

Fuel Additives

Fuel additives act as a magic potion, with an ability to transform a tired engine into a smooth operator. Fuel additives can be poured into a fuel tank. Fuel additives are available for diesel and petrol engines. A fuel injector cleaner keeps the injectors and intake valves clean. Fuel additives and oil additives give your engines a little extra. Oil additives improve the smoothness of your engine, giving your existing oil a boost.


A degreaser is formulated to break down oil, grease stains, tire marks, dirt, harmful silicates and more to properly clean and prepare surface for coatings, paints, stains and sealants. Thoroughly cleaning the surface and removing contaminates is an essential step to ensuring adhesion.

Rust Converters

When it comes to your car or vehicle, corrosion is your worst enemy. Luckily, there are rust converters and rust removers to protect and remove rust from your car's vulnerable pieces. Rust converters contain a built-in primer that double as a metal primer for the metal parts you're restoring. A rust converter works best with iron and steel and are less effective on aluminum.

Underbody Coatings

There are many benefits of car underseal. Underbody coating saves money since it's more expensive to have your car undercoated by a professional. Car rust proofing reduces road noise. A vehicle’s undercarriage gets noisier as time goes by due to rust and wear. In addition, car rust protection adds an extra layer of protection. An undercoat typically acts as an additional layer of protection from

  • Mold
  • Moisture
  • Dust
  • Rot
  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Paint chips
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