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Paint Stripper

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Paint Stripper

Paint remover is designed to remove car paint and varnish from surfaces. Paint strippers can be used to remove paint layers from cars, old furniture and doors. A new layer of paint is often sufficient to give new life to your furniture, vehicles, doors or window frames. There are dozens of methods to remove paint. However, the most effective ways involve the use of a heat gun or a paint remover. When applying paint stripper, we recommend to use paint remover in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors.

Rust-Oleum Green Paint Stripper

Rust-Oleum Paint Stripper is a highly effective paint remover for all paint types and glue without methylene chloride. Rustoleum Nr. 1 Green Paint Stripper can be used for a quick removal of layers of old paint and glue. Green Paint Remover is developed to remove all types of oil- and alkyd based paints, emulsion paints, varnish and most two-component materials from metal, mineral and wooden surfaces. Does not contain methylene chloride, NMP, acids, alkali's, biocides and conservation additives. It will not affect metal, mineral or wooden substrates.

  • Far more effective than other green paint strippers on the market
  • Gel like paste works better than liquid alternatives
  • Apply as low as 0°C
  • Also effective as glue remover
  • Quick results
  • Contains no methylene chloride

Wagner Furno 750 Heat Gun

Wagner Furno 750 heat gun is suited to the heavy DIY'er who knows how to use these power tools. The electric heat gun has the most-precise temperature settings and multiple fan speeds to help accomplish many projects that require heat. The additional accessory nozzles and 5-in-1 tool make it ideal for almost any project that requires heat, such as softening putty and caulk, stripping paint, tinting car windows, removing flooring, thawing pipes, shrink wrapping gifts and thawing frozen pipes.

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