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Hammerite hammer finish

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    Hammerite Hamerslag verf
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Hammerite hammer effect

Hammerite hammered paint is a metal paint with hammered effect. Hammerite metal paint hammerfinish is resistant to scratches, impacts, water and weathering. You can paint Hammerite hammerfinish directly on metal without primer. Hammerite hammer paint can also be applied over rust where it stops rust immediately. Thanks to its high quality, Hammerite hammerfinish ensures that metal is protected from rust for up to 8 years.

Hammerite paint colors

Hammerite Hammerite colors consist of 8 different standard shades. Each Hammerite hammerstone color dries to a high gloss and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Hammerite hammerite colors can be painted on metal without primer. At CROP, you can purchase the Hammerite hammerite colors below:

  • Hammerite hammerite black
  • Hammerite blue
  • Hammerite brown
  • Hammerite red
  • Hammerite gold
  • Hammerite hammerfinish green
  • Hammerite hammerfinish silver gray
  • Hammerite white

Hammerite Hammerite Spray

Hammerite hammerware spray can is a paint spray that is convenient and easy to use. In the Hammerite hammer effect spray is the same high-quality paint with hammer effect as in a can. The advantage of an aerosol hammer effect paint is that you can spray even and opaque places that are difficult to reach. This hammer effect spray paint can also be applied directly over rust and the metal paint stops rust immediately. The Hammerite paint colors in aerosol are:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Silver Grey
  • White

Why use hammered paint?

Hammerblow paint is widely used on metal that needs a hammerblow effect. A major advantage of hammered paint is that it masks surface imperfections. By painting the Hammerite hammerstroke color on the metal, holes, bumps and cracks will not be easily noticed and will disappear. You can use Hammerite hammer paint without primer or primer. You also do not need to apply varnish or clear coat after painting hammerite paint. The metal is immediately protected from rust for 8 years.

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