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Hammerite radiator paint

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  1. Hammerite Radiatorlak - Wit
    Hammerite Radiatorlak - Wit
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  2. Hammerite Radiatorlak - 9010
    Hammerite Radiatorlak - 9010
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  3. Hammerite Radiatorlak - Gebroken wit
    Hammerite Radiatorlak - Gebroken wit
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Hammerite radiator varnish

Hammerite radiator varnish is a heat-resistant paint for painting a radiator, heating system or CV pipes and hot water pipes. This is why a radiator varnish is also called radiator paint. With Hammerite radiator paint the color remains beautiful for a long time, even at the very highest temperatures. Hammerite radiator paint is a high gloss paint that adheres to metal and surfaces that have been previously painted. At CROP you can buy Hammerite radiator paint in paint can and spray can.

Painting heating with radiator paint

Painting heating with Hammerite radiator paint guarantees you that the heating will look like new again. By painting the heater yourself with Hammerite radiator varnish, you save costs because you don't have to buy a new radiator to make it look like new. If you are going to paint the heater with radiator varnish, note that the paint must dry for at least 24 hours. We recommend after painting the heater to allow the radiator paint to warm up slowly the first time you use it.

Painting a radiator

Radiator painting is done with special paint that is heat resistant. This heat resistant paint is necessary otherwise after painting the radiator you will see that the paint is discolored. Painting a radiator with Hammerite radiator paint is a job you can easily do yourself. Hammerite radiator paint can be used without primer and does not need to be finished with a varnish. Lightly sand the radiator first, clean it with degreaser and you can start painting the radiator. Finished, let everything dry for 24 hours before using the radiator.

Hammerite radiator paint white

Hammerite radiator paint white is the most chosen color to paint a heater or radiator. Radiator paint white is fresh and neutral that suits any home or room. Because the radiator paint is a heat resistant paint white does not discolor. The white radiator paint has high hiding power and excellent adhesion to metal. The white Hammerite radiator paint can be used without primer or primer.

Radiator paint spray

Radiator paint spray is easy to use and ideal when you don't want to paint or repaint. The radiator paint spray can be used as a spray to paint the radiator. Radiator paint spray from Hammerite is available in the colors white, off-white and RAL9010. The advantage of a radiator paint spray can is that you can easily reach hard-to-reach areas. Think of painting the sides and back of a radiator where a brush or roller can hardly reach. With a spray, this is very easy.

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