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Hammerite Ultima

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  1. Hammerite Ultima Metaalverf - Hoogglans
    Hammerite Ultima Metaalverf - Hoogglans
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  2. Hammerite Ultima Metaalverf - Mat
    Hammerite Ultima Metaalverf - Mat
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  3. Hammerite Ultima Metaalverf - Metallic
    Hammerite Ultima Metaalverf - Metallic
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    €16.87 €13.94 Retail price €22.49 As low as €0.00
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Hammerite Ultima metal paint

Hammerite Ultima metal paint to professionally paint metal. Hammerite Ultima can be applied directly over rust where the metal paint stops rust and prevents it from spreading further. The advantage of Hammerite Ultima is that you can use the metal paint without primer or primer. Unlike other iron paints, Hammerite Ultima provides up to 12 years of protection for the metal against rust, rain, UV sunlight, salt and other weather conditions. At CROP, you can buy Hammerite Ultima in all colors.

Buy Hammerite Ultima? The best metal paint!

Do you want to buy Hammerite Ultima because it is the best metal paint with rust stop? Then you have the choice of different colors and gloss finishes. Each Hammerite Ultima color is made of the same high quality where the metal paint lasts for up to 12 years. Because the Hammerite Ultima metal paint has Colour Lock Technology, the iron paint color remains protected against UV for a long time. This preserves the color and gloss! At CROP you can order the Hammerite Ultima products below.

  • Hammerite Ultima metallic paint
  • Hammerite Ultima gloss metal paint
  • Hammerite Ultima matt metal paint
  • Hammerite Ultima black
  • Hammerite Ultima white
  • Hammerite Ultima blue
  • Hammerite Ultima green
  • Hammerite Ultima anthracite
  • Hammerite Ultima gold metallic
  • Hammerite Ultima silver metallic

Hammerite Ultima high gloss metal paint

Hammerite Ultima gloss metal paint is a paint for metal that dries high gloss. Hammerite Ultima metal paint gloss is fast drying and easy to apply with a paint brush or roller. This allows anyone to easily apply the high gloss metal paint over rust and non ferrous metals. Hammerite Ultima high gloss lacquer is available in the most common colors.

Hammerite Ultima matt metal paint

Prefer a metal paint that dries matte? Hammerite Ultima metal paint matte gives a tough and industrial look. The advantage of a metal paint matte is that you will see fewer scratches and damage on it. Also, matte metal paint requires less maintenance than other paints. Hammerite Ultima metal paint matte is available in the most common colors.

Hammerite Ultima metal paint metallic

Looking for a metal paint with metallic silver particles in the paint? Then Hammerite Ultima metallic metal paint is the best choice for you! This Hammerite metallic metal paint is available in gold and silver. There are glitters mixed into the colors that give the gold and silver a sparkling effect. Because the Hammerite metallic paint dries high gloss, you can clearly see the glitters of the metallic in the color gold and silver. This creates a unique effect.

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