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Hammerite heat resistant paint

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Hammerite heat resistant paint

Hammerite heat resistant paint is a refractory lacquer that resists heat and high temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius. The Hammerite heat resistant lacquer spray can contains high-quality paint that is refractory and adheres to metal. Hammerite heat resistant lacquer is fast drying and easy to spray thanks to its convenient spray. This heat resistant metal paint from Hammerite is available in 3 colors.

Refractory paint as heat resistant lacquer

Refractory paint from Hammerite is an aerosol heat resistant paint that is resistant to fire and extremely high temperature. If a surface or object is very hot or exposed to heat and fire, you will need to use a refractory paint for this. Because this special heat resistant paint is refractory, you prevent the paint from flaking and discoloring. This allows you to use Hammerite heat resistant lacquer on objects that get extremely hot.

What can Hammerite heat resistant lacquer be used for?

Hammerite heat resistant lacquer can be used on metal that gets extremely hot to give it a fresh color. Because of this, Hammerite heat resistant paint is used as a lacquer to spray the stove, BBQ, fireplace, exhaust or radiator in a new color. In addition, you can also use Hammerite heat resistant paint on various other surfaces that get hot.

Hammerite heat resistant lacquer spray can

Hammerite heat resistant lacquer spray can is ideal for those who want to spray refractory paint with a spray. Besides the fact that a spray can of heat resistant lacquer is easy to use, the spray also allows you to quickly reach hard-to-reach areas where a paint brush or roller cannot reach. The high hiding power of the heat resistant paint allows you to get nice results quickly. For best results, after use we recommend drying the heat resistant paint by heating the surface (also called baking) from 120°C to 600°C.

Hammerite colors heat resistant paint

Would you like to buy the Hammerite heat resistant paint? Then you have a choice of different colors that are refractory and resistant to high temperatures and heat. Each color of heat resistant lacquer is durable so it will not discolor or chalk over time. At CROP you can choose from the Hammerite colors of heat resistant lacquer listed below.

  • Heat Resistant paint black
  • Heat Resistant paint Grey
  • Heat Resistant paint Silver
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