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Paint Protection Film

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  1. HPX Beschermfolie - 100 meter - Groen
    HPX Beschermfolie - 100 meter - Groen
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  2. SMASHWRAP Seld adhesive protection film
    SMASHWRAP Seld adhesive protection film
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Protect your paintwork

Paint protection film is a transparent film that eliminates the risk of stone chips, sticky bug grime, scratches and paint damage to your car, while helping to retain its residual value. It can be applied to areas of your car’s body where car paint may become scratched or nicked. Car paint protection film can be used on

  • Bumpers
  • Headlights
  • Wings
  • Wing mirrors
  • Bonnets
  • Behind door handles
  • Rocker panels
  • Door edges
  • Spoilers
  • Side skirts

Protective paint films can also be used to protect indoor surfaces. Because the protective film is transparent, it will not cause color difference. 

Car paint protection film prevents stone chips and scratches

Paint protection film is made of high-quality polyurethane, which protects car paint against stone chips, scratches, swirl marks and other external influences. It works as an invisible self-healing layer of armour over your vehicle's paintwork.

The importance of paint protection film

The only way to avoid stone chip repairs is to use a protective film. Paint protection film offers prevention of stone chips, scratches and scuffs. Car paint protection film will pay for itself with the lack of car repair costs and the increased residual value whenever you want to trade or sell your vehicle. In addition, water-based car paints are less elastic to stone chips than older solvent based car spray paints.

Install clear paint protection film

Installing a car paint protection film by yourself is much cheaper and you'll have a greater selection to choose from. The theory of installing a clear paint protection film on your car or verhicle is easy. However, it might be difficult in practice. Before you start, you want to ensure that your vehicle is completely clean of any grime, dirt or debris. Also avoid air bubbles, this ensures the longevity of paint protection film and won't harm car paint underneath.

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