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Foil Dispensers

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Foil dispensers

No need for carrying masking film and protection films through the spray booth and workshop anymore! The solid wheels and easy to add-on handle bar make the dispenser manoeuvrable on any surface (including grid floors). Film holder and dispenser is a device in which one or more rolls of film can be placed. A foil dispenser can be used for all types of masking foil. This includes rolls of masking film and paint protection film. The serrated blade will cut both the tape and film in one movement.

  • Get an easy to use portable film dispenser
  • Use to store protective sheeting and masking film
  • Dispense protective sheeting and masking film products with ease

Mobile foil holders

A mobile foil dispenser is ideal for covering vehicles with plastic foil. So easy to use that one man can do the job. Simply take the dispenser to the object, stretch the foil over the vehicle and cut along the cutter guide with the foil cutter. A mobile foil dispenser saves space in the workshop or garage. A mobile film dispenser is the most commonly used foil dispenser. A foil holder has many advantages.

  • Keeps the workplace clean
  • Cars, vans, trucks or other surfaces can easily be covered by one person
  • Saves space in the workshop and garage
  • Made of strong construction
  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be used for all types of masking foil
  • Makes masking faster
  • Prevents uneven ripped edges

Wall mounted masking film dispenser

Do you prefer to keep the floor clean? Then a plastic foil dispenser for wall mounting is the best solution! This wall holder is made of a strong construction so that the roll of foil can be hung firmly and securely on the wall. You pull the film roll, unwind the desired amount and cut the film. Easy and fast!

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