Colormatic 2K Clear Coat Matt in Aerosol 200ml

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Paint component
2K (2-Component)
Transparant Mat
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Description of the Colormatic 2K Clear Coat Matt in Aerosol 200ml

2K Clear Coat Matt Aerosol

Colormatic 2K Clear Coat Matt in 200ml Aerosol is a matte finish, extremely scratch-resistant 2K clearcoat with a high resistance to petrol, UV-radiation and weathering. Due to the fast drying, very good flow and easy polishability it is ideal for spot repair work. ColorMatic Professional 2K High Speed Clear Coat Matt can be applied if the surface is completely cured.

Applications: effect spraying of tuning parts, wheels in a high-quality matt appearance and spraying of plastic parts.

Quality and properties

  • Satin finish, extremely scratch-resistant 2K clear coat with a high resistance to petrol, UV and weathering.
  • Effect spray work of tuning parts
  • Wheels in a high-quality matte appearance
  • Spraying of plastic parts
  • Long processing time
  • Fast drying
  • Very good flow
  • Easy to polish

Physical and chemical properties

  • Binder: Acrylic
  • Colour: transparent
  • Odour: solvent
  • Gloss: in the 60° geometry according to DIN 67530
    Glossy: 85 GE
  • Opcaity: 200ml for about 0,3 - 0,4 m²
  • Surafce: Solvent - en waterborne basecoats
  • Drying (atj 20° C , 50% relative humidity:
    Dust dry: after 5 minutes 
    Manageable: after 5 hours 
    The drying time depends on the ambient temperature, humidity and the layer thickness
  • Withstands temperatures up to 120° C
  • Shelf life/storage: 36 months with proper storage provided (= 10° - 25° C , relative humidity of 60% max .)
  • Package/Contents: 2 component spray cans, maximum nominal volume 200ml
  • VOC value: 123,5 grams
  • Processing time:
    24 hours at room temperature (20-25° C)
    5 days in the refrigerator (6° C)
    For repeated processing, the aerosol must be brought to room temperature (20-25°).


  • Before using read the instructions carefully and attentively


  • The base coat can be sprayed after 30 minutes of air drying with ColorMatic 2K Hi-Speed Clearcoat
  • 2 to 3 full spray layers, 50μ
  • About 3 minutes between coats to dry

Blending of Component A with the hardener

  • The hardener is packaged in a separate cartridge into the aerosol. For mixing of the 2 components, place the aerosol upside down on a flat surface.
  • Remove the protective cover on the underside of the aerosol and stab the ring in the pin.
  • By means pull the ring to attempt.
  • Then rotate 360°.
  • Shake the aerosol very powerful for at least 3 minutes, calculated from becoming audible from the bullets.
  • Apply 2 layers of varnish with an interval of 2 minutes (20° C.)
  • Test spraying
  • Processing time: 24 hours (20° C)

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