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Car Touch Up Paint Pen

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Custom made paint pen

We make touch up paint pens in any desired colour. A car touch up pen is ideal for car chips, imperfections and small scratches. A small scratch is easily made when parking your car. This can be an ugly car damage that you would like to repair as soon as possible. Repairing car damage usually comes at a high cost. Paint scratch repair pens can repair automotive scratches at home, saving more vehicle repair costs.

How does it work?

It’s actually quite easy, just mention the color code or name of the vehicle and we do the rest of the work. Would you like to buy a touch up paint pen, but is the colour code or name missing? Don’t worry, our colour mixer is able to identify any colour. We use a special spectrophotometer that scans objects without any additional information required. After we have attained the results, we can mix car paint in a touch up pen.

Different types of car touch up pens

CROP offers a wide range of different types of car touch up pens. We also sell

  • primer car touch up paint pen
  • clear coat pen
  • silver alloy touch up paint pen

Primer car touch up paint pen

A primer car touch up paint pen can be used on bare metal. The car primer ensures a good adhesion of auto paint to the surface and also contributes to the durability of car paint.

Clear coat pen

Use a clear coat pen after applying the touch up paint pen. When the car paint is completely cured, apply the clear coat to the surface to be treated. The clear coat will provide the gloss level and will protect automotive paint against petrol, chemicals, oil and external weather influences.

Silver alloy touch up paint pen

Do you have damage on your rims or wheels? We sell different silver alloy touch up paint pens to easily repair the damage.

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