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Mavel Automatic Reels

Mavel is a top brand that manufactures automatic reels. Air tools can be connected to Mavel reels with compressed air hose. The air reel has a strong plastic outer casing and an automatic spring rewinding system. Spring loaded hose reels allow you to retract and reel in the hose. The reels come with a spring loaded mechanism operated by pressing the switch to reel the hose back into the hose reel.

Mavel Slow-motion

In normal reels, the cable returns to its seating quickly and uncontrollably, requiring the operator to accompany it, which means time wasted. To help resolve this issue, in 2010 Mavel - a manufacturer of high-quality reels, designed and patented the very first and one-of-a-kind external device that can be easily installed and removed. Mavel slowmotion makes it possible to slowly and uniformly wind cables and hoses without jerking or whiplash. It guarantees increased safety, better organisation, and higher productivity in the workplace. Zero damage to property and no personal injuries.

Mavel Air Reels

  • Mavel Compact Air
  • Mavel Major Plus
  • Mavel Master Plus Air
  • Mavel Mega Air
  • Mavel Profi Open Air
  • Mavel Special Air

Mavel Air Reels in Different Hose Lengths

  • 9 meter
  • 12 meter
  • 13 meter
  • 14 meter
  • 15 meter
  • 16 meter
  • 20 meter

Diameter Air Hose Mavel Reel

When buying a Mavel reel, it is important to know what diameter air hose you need. There is a difference between the inner and outer diameter of a compressed air hose. The larger the diameter of the air hose, the more compressed air can flow through it. An air reel with a large diameter hose is often suitable for industrial and professional use. Do you only connect small pneumatic tools such as a tire inflator or dust sprayer to the air hose? Then an air hose with a small diameter is sufficient. Mavel air reels are available with the following hose diameters

  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm
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