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Trolley Jacks

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Floor Jacks

A trolly jack is an absolute must-have in your garage or workshop. Every garage jack is rated to a certain weight to help you select something suitable for your lifting requirements. The most important factor is how much your trolley jack can lift. Always check the weight of your car or vehicle to make sure the jack you're looking at is going to be suitable. After you've purchased a trolly jack, use good quality axle stands.

Different Types of Floor Jacks

Trolly jacks can be split into different sections. All our trolley jacks are designed and built to the highest quality standards and are fully CE rated.

Scissor Jacks

Scissor jacks are the cheapest and smallest option available. A handle winds the arms apart, which then lifts the car up.

Trolley Jacks

Trolley jacks are more stable and is the choice of many professional mechanics. They can be easily rolled into position. Insert the handle and pump it until the cradle reaches the jacking point.

Bottle Jacks

Bottle jacks uses hydraulic force to lift the car up. It works in much the same way as a trolley jack but has the bonus of being smaller and easier to store.

Low Profile Trolley Jack

A low profile trolley jack is designed for vehicles with lower than average ground clearance. Low profile jacks are perfect for lifting sports cars.

Aluminium Trolley Jack

Aluminium trolley jacks are light-weight and essential for racing jacks.


CROP offers a complete range of tire repair products. A floor jack is used to lift a vehicle off the ground. Service jacks can be used as a temporary support while vehicle maintenance is being carried out. Trolley jacks are usually fitted with casters or wheels that swivel. They are versatile and suitable for use with different vehicles. 

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