Porsche GULF Blue spray paint

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Porsche GULF Blue spray paint
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Product information

Porsche GULF blue paint aerosol

Porsche GULF blue aerosol is a professional paint spray in Porsche's official retro GULF color blue. This Porsche paint has color name GULF blue with color number 36 and is known from the retro Porsche sports cars. The professional Porsche car paint is filled in a high-quality spray can that guarantees a tight atomization of the paint. With this paint spray can in the traditional color Porsche GULF blue, your car, motorcycle or scooter will look as fast and tough as Porsche's supercar.

Porsche retro blue car paint spray can

Buy Porsche retro blue car paint spray can? At CROP you have the exclusive opportunity to buy exactly the same blue color Porsche GULF in a paint spray can. This spray paint can in traditional Porsche blue has high coverage and is 100% colorfast. With this professional spray paint blue, your project will look as unique as a Porsche GULF race car!

Spray Porsche GULF blue with clear coat

This Porsche GULF blue spray paint is a 1K automotive paint so you have to spray the paint with a clear coat. By spraying a 2K clear coat you protect the color from weathering, scratches, impacts and gasoline. In addition, a 2 component clearcoat ensures lasting color fastness without fear of the color becoming dull and fading.

Features Porsche GULF blue paint spray can

  • With professional paint from MIPA
  • Color: Porsche GULF blue (color number: 36)
  • High coverage paint
  • Professional quality paint
  • Fast drying
  • Should be sprayed with clear lacquer
  • Is made to measure
Full product information


Paint component 1K (1-component)
Brand CROP
Contents 400ml
Packaging each
All specifications

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