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3M earplugs

3M earplugs

3M earplugs provide excellent hearing protection. The 3M earplugs are made of soft foam which makes the earplugs comfortable in all ears: even with prolonged use! All 3M earplugs can be molded to fit any ear. 3M earplugs are used for muffling loud noise and noise to protect hearing. In addition to earplugs, 3M also has a hearing bracket where the 3M earplugs are attached to a bracket. At CROP you can buy all 3M earplugs from a large and wide range.

3M 1100 disposable earplugs

3M 1100 earplugs are disposable earplugs made of lightweight and comfortable foam. The 3M 1100 earplugs have a pointed design and can be fitted by gently squeezing. This allows the 3M earplug to mold to each person's ear for maximum comfort. The 3M 1100 earplugs attenuate noise by 37 db(A). These high-quality 3M earplugs are used daily in noisy rooms or places and while sanding, drilling, sawing, lawn mowing or while using other types of tools.

3M earplugs dispenser

3M earplugs neatly stored? You can do so with the help of the dispenser. The 3M earplugs dispenser is specially made to neatly store all earplugs so they stay clean and like new. Want to take out 3M earplugs? Then just twist and new disposable earplugs fall out. Run out of earplugs dispenser? Then you can order a refill to replenish the earplugs dispenser.

3M earplug

3M ear bracket is a flexible strap to which the 3M earplugs are attached. The ear bracket provides constant pressure for maximum hearing protection while still remaining comfortable. The earplugs on the 3M ear bracket are made of high-quality polyurethane foam so they remain comfortably in the ear even during prolonged use. Have you used the 3M ear bracket several times? Then the 3M ear plugs can be replaced for new ones so that the ear bracket remains clean and hygienic.

Ear classic earplugs

Ear classic earplugs from 3M are the classic earplugs yellow in color. The ear classic earplugs are for single use and attenuate loud noises in order with which you prevent hearing loss. Ear classis earplugs mold to the ear making them comfortable and long lasting.

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