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3M earmuffs

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3M Earmuffs

3M earmuffs provide the best hearing protection in noisy environments or areas where noise levels are high. The 3M earmuffs significantly reduce the noise level, providing maximum protection for the ears' hearing. With the 3M earmuffs you prevent hearing damage! The 3M ear muffs fit every ear thanks to the wide cushions and adjustable headband. In addition, the 3M ear muffs have a large space inside which minimizes the build-up of heat and moisture. This increases the wearing comfort of the 3M ear muffs.

3M hearing protection

3M hearing protection consists of the 3M earmuffs, earplugs and ear bracket. Here, the ear muffs provide the best hearing protection from the 3M product range. 3M has different types of ear muffs in various colors and can muffle loud and noisy sounds up to a high db(A). The 3M hearing protection can be combined with other 3M personal protective equipment. Think of the 3M safety glasses, a helmet or other PPE. All 3M hearing protection can be purchased online at Nonpaints.com.

buying 3M ear muffs. Which ones are out there?

If you want to buy 3M ear muffs, you have a lot of different types to choose from. So you have standard ear muffs with a neutral design suitable for everything, to the most luxurious ear muff with radio. 3M ear muffs are officially approved and meet all requirements for hearing protection. When buying a 3M earmuff, pay attention to how many db(A) it must attenuate noise. Depending on the noise level to be attenuated, choose the desired 3M ear muff. At CROP, you can choose from the models below.

  • 3M Peltor Optime earmuff
  • 3M Peltor Digital FM earmuff
  • 3M Bull's Eye earmuff
  • 3M Peltor X1 earmuff
  • 3M Peltor X2 earmuff
  • 3M Peltor H31 earmuff

Hearing hood with radio

Hearing hood with radio has the ability to listen to radio while wearing the hearing hood. This protects your ears from noise and loud sounds, while also enjoying your favorite radio station. On the 3M ear muff, you can set the FM radio station you want to listen to while wearing the ear muff. At CROP you can buy the 3M ear muff with radio.

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