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FFP3 dust masks

FFP3 Masks

FFP3 Masks is a mouth mask with the highest class of respiratory protection. FFP3 masks can be purchased in disposable and reusable form. From pricey mouth masks with FFP3 protection class, to professional P3 half masks that are reusable. An FFP3 mask tightly seals the mouth and nose, fully protecting breathing from all outside substances, gases and vapors.

What is FFP3 mask used for?

FFP3 mask is used to protect breathing from dust, spray mist, paint fumes, gases, sanding dust, solvents other organic vapors. Thanks to the highest protection class, FFP3 mask is also used to protect breathing from asbestos and the most toxic fumes. Will you be sanding or spraying? Then an FFP3 mask is the best choice for you to protect breathing through your nose and mouth.

Benefits of an FFP3 mask

  • Best respiratory protection
  • High quality masks
  • Reusable and sold separately
  • Protects against the most toxic fumes and gases
  • Available in reusable and disposable form
  • With or without exhalation valve

Disadvantages of an FFP3 mask

  • Higher breathing resistance
  • Often more expensive to purchase

FFP3 mask with exhalation valve

FFP3 mask with exhalation valve is the most commonly used mouth mask with FFP3 protection class. An exhalation valve on the FFP3 mask allows you to breathe comfortably for long periods of time while maintaining breathing protection. The warm air you blow out is exhausted through the exhalation valve. As a result, the FFP3 mouth mask has a low breathing resistance, allowing you to wear the protective mask on your face for long periods of time. An FFP3 mouth mask with exhalation valve does tend to be more expensive to purchase.

3M FFP3 Mask Aura

3M FFP3 Mask Aura is a high-quality mouth mask worn by professionals in healthcare, paint shops, industry, body shop and other sectors. The 3M Fine Dust Mask FFP3 is reusable where it can be replaced with another one after 40 hours. The elastic straps ensure that the 3M Aura mouth mask sits comfortably on each person's face.

Buy FFP3 Face Mask?

Want to buy an FFP3 Face Mask to best protect your breathing? At CROP, you have a wide selection of many different types of FFP3 masks from well-known brands such as 3M, BLS, COLAD, FINIXA and more....

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