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Sanding Blocks & Abrasive Hand Pads

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Hand Sanding

CROP offers an extensive range of tools for hand sanding. Including different kinds of sanding blocks, pads, and accessories to help you achieve the perfect sanding result. Our hand sanding solutions are easy to use and ergonomic.

Speed File

Hand Sanding Blocks are specially designed for sanding by hand in combination with net-sanding products, although they can also be used with other grip abrasives. To ensure dust-free sanding the hand sanding block simply needs to be connected by hose to a dust extraction system.

Hand Tool for Roses

Universal soft hand sanding tool used with grip or abrasive roses.

Abrasive Hand Pad

Abrasive hand pads helps you get that personal touch with our abrasives. Designed to fit 6 inch discs, this pad features an easy to use hook and loop attachment system, which makes changing discs quick and easy. This soft pad helps to distribute finger pressure directly with less strain to your hands, and the high quality materials resist long term wear and tear.

Sanding Cork

Cork sanding blocks are the traditional backing blocks for hand sanding. Sanding cork is just stiff enough so that it can sand efficiently, but has enough give so that minute imperfections and changes in the wood will get sanded too. Sanding corks can be used for wet or dry sanding. On one side the edges are sharp for precise application and on the other side the edges are shaped for optimal grip.

Sanding Blocks

Abrasive Sponge is a flexible foam pad that is used for hard to reach areas. These sanding sponges can be used in wet or dry environments when working with wood, metals, plastics and more on walls and ceilings. Combining a fine abrasive on four sides of the sponge aids the usage in corners and hard to reach areas being highly conformable.

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