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Wheel covers for car wheels and rims

Tire covers help to protect your beloved wheels from weather damage, scratches, theft and dirt. Ultimately they will help you preserve the condition of your wheels. Since most vehicles are stored outside, tyre covers are the best way to protect against the constant weather conditions they endure. Tire covers are special protective covers to safely store car tires and rims. We offer many different types of wheel covers and maskers to protect all types of rims and car tires; even for rims up to 22 inches. We supply wheel covers in different sizes to ensure a tight fit for ultimate protection.

Tire covers for wheel transportation

Your wheels are likely made from aluminum or steel and some may even be painted. Left unprotected, the damage caused to the wheel can be costly when reparing scratches and scuffs. Tire covers can also be used during the transportation of tires and rims. When using tyre covers, car upholstery won't become dirty and damaged. 

Disposable wheel covers

High quality plastic HDPE wheel covers can be used for masking car wheels and rims during the paint process. These wheel covers protect wheels against overspray and car paint. Very easy in use and universal in application due to the extra large opening. Disposable wheel covers are strong, breathable and water resistant.

Reuseable wheel covers

Our reuseable tire covers offer superb protection. Reuseable wheel covers save time, effort and money masking up wheels with paper and tape while detailing. These wheel covers are made of an aluminum impregnated nonwoven material, will work equally on large and small wheels and can be re-used between 150 and 200 times. It only takes seconds, simply slip the canvas wheel cover over the wheel! Protect your wheels by preserving their condition and save time and money doing so.