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Handbrake Covers

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Handbrake covers for protecting the parking brake

Parking brake cover acts as a protective cover during a car repair. A handbrake cover is often used in combination with a steering wheel cover, seat cover and gear shift cover. This protective cover prevents the parking brake from getting dirty or damaged during repair.

Handbrake cover during car repair

Handbrake lever covers are ideal for protecting the vehicle's handbrake from dirt, grease and oil when bodyshop work is undertaken. Suitable for most cars and vehicles.

Reuseable & disposable handbrake covers

At CROP you can choose from different types of hand brake covers. From reusable covers to disposable plastic handbrake covers that can be thrown away immediately after use. The parking brake covers are very favorable in terms of price and offer sufficient protection. The reusable handbrake covers have a luxurious look and can be washed in the washing machine. This means they can be used more often and are always clean for the next repair.

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