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IRT Infrared Dryers

IRT is the global market leader with curing products. IRT is specializing in infrared heating/drying and ultraviolet curing.

IRT 1 & 2 Prepcure

Dryers suitable for minor paint and panel work, as well as for applying and removing stickers. The dryers can either be used as hand-held dryer or be mounted on stand. Can cure all base and paint material and the on/off button is integrated in the handle and manual timer on the stand.

IRT 4-1 & 4-2 PcAuto

IRT PcAuto models are equipped with advanced technology such as a temperature measurement, laser circle and digital distance sensor. 18 different languages can easily be set. The laser circle shows where the measurement of the temperature on the curing area takes place, and the ultrasound sensor measures the distance and signals when the distance is correct. The temperature is continuously measured, while the microprocessor regulates the effective output upwards or downwards in a split second for optimal curing results. As an operator, you can continuously monitor the curing process and receive information about such things as object temperature and elapsed/remaining program time.

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