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Die Grinders

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Die Grinders

A die grinder is also called a straight grinder and many are powered by compressed air or by a small electric motor. Straight grinders are small handheld rotary tools for shaping and polishing that feature a small diameter grinding bit. A die grinder can be used for sanding, grinding, polishing, honing or machining material. It is possible to choose a die grinder in both straight and right-angle heads.

Straight Grinder

Die grinders have incredible power and unbelievable RPM speeds and can be used in a wide variety of ways. The most common uses are

  1. Removing rust
  2. Sculpting wood
  3. Stripping surface paint
  4. Smoothing and polishing steel
  5. Finish non-metal surfaces

Grinding Wheels

There are many types of grinding wheel available. Which abrasive disc you select to use depends entirely on your specific application and the material you are working with.

  • Grinding wheel
    • Suitable for cutting wood, metal, shaping or sharpening blades, bits, hand tools and cutters.
  • Cut off wheel
    • Cuts metal
  • Diamond wheel
    • Cuts block, stone and concrete
  • Wire brush
    • Removes rust and some polishing

Die Grinder vs Angle Grinder

There are key similarities and differences. Angle grinder machines are best suited for bigger and heavier tasks. Die grinders for small, lighter and precise tasks. Most pencil grinders are pneumatically powered.

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