Rust-Oleum RAL-Topcoat in 500ml Aerosol Spray

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RAL 7035 - Light grey
RAL 9005 - Jet black
RAL 9006 - White aluminium
RAL 9010 - Pure white
RAL9010 - Pure White Semi Gloss
RAL 9005 - Jet Black Semi Gloss
RAL 9005 - Deep Black Matt
RAL 3020 - Traffic red
RAL 2002 - Vermilion
RAL 3000 - Flame red
RAL 2003 - Pastel orange
RAL 2000 - Yellow orange
RAL 8001 - Ochre brown
RAL 9001 - Cream
RAL 1028 - Melon yellow
RAL 1007 - Daffodil yellow
RAL 1004 - Golden yellow
RAL 1015 - Light ivory
RAL 1003 - Signal yellow
RAL 1023 - Traffic yellow
RAL 1013 - Oyster white
RAL 1021 - Rape yellow
RAL 7032 - Pebble grey
RAL 6011 - Reseda green
RAL 6018 - Yellow green
RAL 6010 - Grass green
RAL 7005 - Mausgrau
RAL 6001 - Emerald green
RAL 6032 - Signal green
RAL 6005 - Moss green
RAL 7001 - Silver grey
RAL 7016 - Anthracite grey
RAL 5012 - Light Blue
National Blue
RAL 5010 - Gentian blue
RAL 5005 - Signal blue
RAL 5003 - Saphire blue
RAL 5002 - Ultramarine blue
RAL 4001 - Red lilac

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More Information
SKU conf_RO-2100-RAL
Brand Rust-Oleum
Paint type 1K (1 component)
Contents 500ml
Packaging per stuk


Rustoleum Hardhat 2100 Aerosol can be used on bare metal, wood and concrete, and is ideal for small maintenance or touch up jobs

Rustoleum Hard Hat Top Coat Aerosol Spray 2100 has been specifically designed for small maintenance or touch up jobs. Hard Hat Top Coat 2100 is a fast drying short oil soya alkyd based on lead and chromate free pigment. These pigments offer longer gloss and colour retention and help to create extra resistance to chipping and cracking. Hard Hat Top Coat has heat resistance for up to 100 degrees, although discolouration may occur above 65 degrees. Rustoleum Hard Hat Aerosol offers you a quick drying time of 10-15 minutes without drips or runs. The true industrial paint aerosols! Go further, Work faster, last longer!

What is it best used for?

Rustoleum Topcoats 2100 should be used in normal humidity, interior applications and industrial exposures. Hard Hat aerosols have more in them than the standard aerosol and can and last 2-3 times longer. This means this product will go further, resulting in higher coverage rates. As well as having a longer lasting life than the average aerosol, Rustoleum Hard Hat topcoat Aerosol 2100 also offers you twice the opacity of cheaper spray cans meaning no cross layer will be required as normal coverage can be achieved in one layer.

How do you apply the product?

Remove the cover cap and shake vigorously for at least one minute after the rattle of the mixing ball is heard. Hold the can approximately 25cm from the surface using a back and forth motion whilst keeping the can parallel with the surface. Make sure you shake the can frequently during use. Ensure that the can is always in motion when you are holding the spray button in to avoid runs, sags and leaks occurring.

Surface/Environment it is best used for?

Rustoleum Topcoat Aerosols should be applied over Hard Hat Primers or properly prepared painted substrates. Rustoleum Hardhat 2100 Aerosol can be used on bare metal, wood and concrete, and is ideal for small maintenance or touch up jobs.

  • For on previously painted, primed metal, wood and concrete
  • To handle after 30 minutes (at 20°C)
  • Best available hiding power
  • Heat-resistant up to 100 °C
  • Available in 45 RAL-colours
  • Other colours upon request as of 9 pcs. (400ml aerosols)

Go further!

More paint in the can, resulting in a higher coverage. One HARD HAT aerosol equals up to 2-3 standard aerosols.

Work Quicker!

A higher film build without drips or runs, in one go. Twice the opacity of cheaper paint sprays (saving a cross layer). Normal coverage in one pass. Quicker drying: 10-15 minutes!

Last longer!

Higher quality pigments for a longer gloss and colour retention. The tough flexible film resists chipping, cracking and peeling.

Product Details

  • For use on: Previously painted substrates, primed metal, wood and concrete
  • Formulation: Solvent-based
  • Binder: Alkyd
  • Finish: High-gloss
  • Coverage: 2,5 m² per spray can at 25 μm dry
  • Touch dry (at 20˚C): 15 minutes
  • Recoatable (at 20˚C): Within 1 hour or after 48 hours
  • Application: Aerosol
  • VOC level: 640 - 650 grams/liter
  • Pack size: 500 ml


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