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Quick Cleaner for Paint Spray Guns QR2011

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Warranty 2 jaar
Measurement 520 x 340 x 290mm
Packaging per stuk
Category Spray Gun Cleaners


Quick Cleaner for paint spray guns QR2011 is a cleaner that is specially developed for fast cleaning of water-based and solvent-based paints and ensures safe colour changes. This paint spray cleaner comes with 2 year warranty.

The QR2011 paint spray guns cleaner is specially designed for quick cleaning of waterborne boasecoats and ensures safe colour changes. The QR2011 can be placed both inside and outside the booth so the spray booth not have to leave to become interim rinse the spray gun. This provides significant time savings!

The increasing use of idsposable cups has encouraged us to develop a new cleaner: the Quick Cleaner. This makes it possible for the spray gun after each colour change with (water-based and solvent-based) colours quickly and efficiently flush, without having to leave the booth. The painter save time, and can confidently make different colours sequentially.

  • To be used for cleaning water-based and solvent-based paints
  • Suitable for all disposable cup systems such as:
    • 3M PPS
    • Flexi-Cup
    • G-Mate
    • Sata RPS
    • etc.
  • Optimal cleaning in the spray booth
  • Fastest cleaning cycle (in 30 seconds) with convincing results
  • Use in conjunction with the H2O cleaner (spray gun cleaner water)
  • Low consumption of H2O cleaner 5 litre for 100 guns
  • Equipped with:
    • Sprinkler and fluid brush are fed with for example H2O cleaner for quick cleaning
    • Cleaning brush for thoroughly cleaning the air cap, nozzle etc.
    • Air blow gun to blow the spray through
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance-friendly
  • Atex approved
  • In de Quick Cleaner can also solvent-based paints cleaned, however in some cases it is not legally permitted to do so in an "open-cleaning system". Inform yourself by your local legislator.

This spray guns cleaner comes with a clear user guide and 2 year warranty!


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