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Spray Gun Cleaners

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Cleaning Your Spray Gun

Keeping your paint gun spotlessly clean insures that it sprays properly. Cleaning methods can range from simple hand cleaning to using a gun washer. The spray gun should be cleaned immediately after each use. Newer waterborne paints and clear coats dry very quickly and are very difficult to remove when dry. Cleaning the air cap and fluid nozzle is particularly important. Partially clogged holes affect the spray pattern and spray gun performance.

Spray Gun Parts Washer

A spray gun cleaning machine allows spray guns to be cleaned using recycled or clean solvent. The unit has no pump and is maintenance free. CROP offers different types of spray gun cleaners, suitable for both solvent and water bourne systems.

SprayMax 1K Gun Cleaner

1K gun cleaner in spray can be used for effective cleaning of spray guns. Can be used universally for 1K solvent-based and 1K water-based paints and for unhardened 2K paints. The short and long nozzles allow residual-free cleaning of the paint gun without having to dismantle it.

  • Fast cleaning
  • Short or long nozzle
  • Dosed distribution
  • Improved cleaning
  • Spray gun can be cleaned without being dismantled
  • For solvent-based and also water-based car paints

Spray Gun Maintenance Kit

A spray gun maintenance kit includes seals, springs, packing, etc.

Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

A gun cleaning kit contains everything you need to cleand and maintain any type of spray gun. A convenient, practice and inexpensive system for cleaning major brands of equipment.

Spray Gun Cleaning Fluid

This is a cleaner, very active and only made of biodegradable products. Suitable for cleaning polyester mastic, two-component polyurethanes, water-based and solventbased paints, clear coat as well as various kinds of adhesives.

Spray Gun Lube

A gun lube keeps your spray gun in A1 working order. It is a silicone-free lubricant and has no effect to quality surfaces.