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Colad Mixing Cups

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Colad Mixing Cups

Colad Mixing Cups for paint preparation are made of a customized, high quality polypropylene to provide constant toughness and clarity. This guarantees the legibility of the accurate mixing ratios inside and out. The paint measuring cups are designed to be single-use to save cleaning time. Colad paint measuring cups are available in

  • 350 ml
    • The smallest size with 8 mixing ratios, ideal for small jobs
  • 700 ml
    • One of the most commonly used mixing cups with 11 mixing ratios
  • 900 ml
    • The lastest edition of Colad Mixing Cups
  • 1400 ml
    • Frequently used paint cup for mixing car paint
  • 2300 ml
    • The largest mixing cup
  • 6 l
    • Has no mixing ratios

Features Colad Paint Mixing Cups

  • Always the right size for your job - available in different sizes
  • Precision printed with acurate mixing ratios
  • 2 measuring scales in millilitres and fluid ounces
  • Solvent resistant
  • High transparency for optimal visibility of mixing ratio’s
  • Anti static
  • Stackable, to save space
  • Flat bottom, for stable mixing
  • Regular boxes and smaller boxes available for easier to store

Colad Mixing Cup Lids

Colad mixing cup lids can be used to cover the paint measuring cups and protect car paint against dirt and dust. Easy application and available in different sizes.

Mixing Cup Dispenser

Colad wall dispenser is made of durable stainless steel to hold Colad paint measuring cups. The mixing cups are easily dispensed one at a time, keeping them clean, dust-free and saving space in the mixing room. Available in 4 versions.

Colad Insert Cups

Always a clean insert cup for quick and easy change of car paint colour or paint type. Equipped with extra wide, smooth edges to remove access spray paint from paint brush. The clear cups are engraved with mixing ratios of

  • 2:1
  • 3:1
  • 4:1
  • 5:1
  • 10:1