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Work Lights

Work Lights

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Work Lights

Our extensive range of work lights are second-to-none and made for the real professional who needs the best tool he can get for the task. Flood lights are made for work and built to last.

Flood Lights

SCANGRIP NOVA range provides the strongest and widest range of work lights in the world. Flood lights are available from compact and hand-held to powerful and extremely sturdy floodlights.


There are different types of inspection lamps, with battery or rechargeable. Both have a significantly improved light output, are extremely durable and provide a completely uniform illumination which is ideal for all demanding work operations. Handlamps are ideal for use in the workshop, garage or on a job where you need bright powerful illumination. Hand lamps are equipped with a durable construction, which makes the lamp resistant to falls, bumps and other accidents that can occur in the workshop. Our hand lamps are so durable that even a car can drive over them! It can also be useful to have one in your car in case of emergency. Inspection lamps are handy impact-resistant lamps with rechargeable options, hooks and magnets.


Rechargeable headlamps are ideal for illuminating your entire workspace with a long duration time and sensor function. By moving your hand in front of the head lamp, it can be switched on or off.


Torches are useful for inspection and maintenance jobs. Ideal for when you need to work hands-free and need flood or spot illumination in hard to reach spaces.

Bonnet Lights

Bonnet lights provide a powerful illumination of the entire engine bay. Engine bay lights offer maximum flexibility.

Colour Match Lights

Scangrip Sunmatch Colour Match lights with special LED and high CRI value are perfect for colour recognition. Colour match light is outstanding for any car paint, polish, cleaning or prep-zone operation.


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