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  1. SCANGRIP UV LED Flashlight
    SCANGRIP UV LED Flashlight
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Automotive Lighting

Within our range of lighting we offer a wide selection, whether you want to illuminate your outdoor space or bodyshop we have the products for the job. No matter how well lit a workshop is, at some point you can use some extra help. Especially when you're working on cars. It has never been easier to get light where you want it. Advances in LED and battery technology have seen the output of work lights increase, and run times lengthen.


Tube light bulbs are flicker free, instant start, with diffuser options for glare-free gentle illumination. Tubes are available in low energy models, which can help reduce running costs and lengthen the life of the bulb.

Work Lights

Our robust and weatherproof work lights will stand up to knocks and heavy use. Flood lights are powerful, reliable and damage-proof equipment that will help you work quickly, accurately and safely.

Colour Match Lights

Scangrip Sunmatch Colour Match lights with special LED and high CRI value are perfect for colour recognition. Colour match light is outstanding for any car paint, polish, cleaning or prep-zone operation.

Inspection Lamps

Handlamps are ideal for use in the workshop, garage or on a job where you need bright powerful illumination. Hand lamps are equipped with a durable construction, which makes the lamp resistant to falls, bumps and other accidents that can occur in the workshop. Our hand lamps are so durable that even a car can drive over them! It can also be useful to have one in your car in case of emergency. Inspection lamps are handy impact-resistant lamps with rechargeable options, hooks and magnets.


Headlamps and flashlights are useful for inspection and maintenance jobs. Ideal for when you need to work hands-free and need flood or spot illumination in hard to reach spaces.

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