Lamborghini Viola Parsifae Pearl spray paint

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Lamborghini Viola Parsifae Pearl spray paint
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Product information

Lamborghini Oro Elios spray paint

Lamborghini Viola Parsifae Pearl spray paint is a professional paint spray in the official color purple of Lamborghini. This Lamborghini pearl purple paint spray has color name Viola Parsifae with color number 0172. The professional Lamborghini car paint is filled in a high-quality spray can that guarantees a tight atomization of the paint. With this paint spray can in the color Lamborghini Viola Parsifae purple, your car, motorcycle or scooter will look just as fast and cool as the sports car and supercar from Lamborghini.

Lamborghini pearl purple car paint spray can

Buy Lamborghini pearl purple car paint spray can? At CROP, you have the exclusive opportunity to buy the exact same color Lamborghini Viola Parsifae Pearl purple metallic in a paint spray can. This spray paint metallic purple from Lamborghini is a glitter paint with high coverage and is 100% colorfast. With this professional spray paint metallic purple, your project will look as cool as a Lamborghini Viola Parsifae Pearl!

Spray Lamborghini Purple with clear coat

This Lamborghini Purple spray paint can is a 1K automotive paint so you have to spray the metallic purple paint with a clear coat. By spraying a 2K clearcoat you protect the color Lamborghini purple from weather, scratches, bumps and gasoline. In addition, a 2 component clearcoat ensures lasting color fastness without fear of the color becoming dull and fading.

Features Lamborghini Metallic Purple spray paint

  • With professional paint from MIPA
  • Color: Lamborghini Viola Parsifae Pearl (color number: 0172)
  • High coverage paint
  • Professional quality paint
  • Fast drying
  • Should be sprayed with clear lacquer
  • Is made to measure
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Paint component 1K (1-component)
Brand CROP
Contents 400ml
Packaging per piece
All specifications

Product reviews


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Quality of paint and method of application
Used to spray scooter fairings (front fender, front hood and hood under the buddy). You need 2 spray cans to finish this with nice results (best 500-600ml). This depends on what the original color of the hoods were. With dark hoods, 1 can might just do. But better just order 2. In my case, first plastic primer, black primer, 1 spray paint, 2 x some thicker paint, finish with 2-3× 2K clear coat. Also for the clear coat maybe 2 cans. Result was almost spray booth quality. Don't forget tack cloths.
Julius |
Translated from Dutch
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