Work Order Planning Board with 15 Rows - 151575

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Product information

Wide workshop planning board with 15 rows with a size of 550x1.765x78mm and without timeline. This work order planning board is specifically designed for organized storage of DIN A4 work orders and work order press boards in the reception area.

Example applications of this work order planning board DIN A4:

  • Column in which the work orders including replacement vehicle ready. If your client comes in the morning all the documents are readily available.
  • Column in which the work orders are, that can to the workshop.
  • Column in which the completed work orders are reported, which can be invoiced.
  • Column in which the work orders that have been invoiced.

In short, no obvious  work order press boards more in and around the reception area, where the work orders quickly and clearly yet again be found. Your advantage: time savings and customer satisfaction.

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SKU 9019-00590
number of Rows 15
Measurement 1.580 x 1.757 x 76mm
Brand CROP
Packaging per stuk
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