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Finixa Respiratory Protective Equipment

When it comes to selecting the appropriate respiratory protective equipment, there are many factors to consider and so many options to choose from. Finixa offers a wide range of respiratory protection. 

Finixa Spray Mask A1P2 & A2P3

A comfortable silicone dust respirator that fits tight around the face and does not cause irritation. With exchangeable gas filtering cartridge and exchangeable dust filtering cartridge.

Active Carbon Filter

The quality of the activated carbons used by Finixa for the filtration of gases and vapours meets high standards of safety ensuring excellent filtration performances. 

Dust Filters

Protects the carbon filters from overspray. Dust classification P2 - UNE-EN 143-CE 015.

Fine Dust Mask

Finixa P2 dust masks protect against fine dust that arises during sanding, spraying or construction. FINIXA Fine Dust Masks feature an exhalation valve with low breathing resistance. Breathing resistance decreases significantly. These dust masks are also equipped with adjustable straps.

Dust Mask with Valve

Lightweight structure results in easy breathing and comfortable wear. Ergonomic mask shape provides custom seal for different facial sizes. Half-face seal foam and adjustable strap reinforce the seal for lowest leakage. Latex-free material to avoid irritation. Advanced low resistant exhalation valve reduces hot air build-up and makes breathing easy in hot/humid environments. Conforms to EN149:2001+A1:2009. Safety class P3 filtration retains about 99,95% of the particles smaller than 0,5 micrometer.

Choose The Right Respiratory Protection

There are differents aspects to consider when choosing respiratory protective equipment.

  • Identify the hazards
    • Each sector has its own risks and dangers. Whether the construction or automotive industry, it is crucial to list all the risks regarding respiratory protection. Is the worker exposed to gases and vapours?
  • Assess the risk
    • Evaluate the respiratory related risks. Consider skin, eye, face, head and body.
  • Select the right respirator
    • Choose the appropriate masks and systems. Finixa has a wide range of disposable and reusable masks that offer a solution for nearly all risks and applications.
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