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3M spray paint respirators

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3M Respiratory Protective Equipment

When it comes to selecting the appropriate respiratory protective equipment, there are many factors to consider and so many options to choose from. 3M offers a wide range of respiratory protection. 

  • Disposable Respirators
  • Reuseable Respirators
  • Powered and Supplied Air Respirators

Disposable Respirators

Comfortably breathing clean, safe air is important for workers' health and workplace morale. Disposable Respirators from 3M combine ergonomic design for comfort with proprietary technologies, that help deliver easier breathing and comfortable protection against particle hazards.

Reuseable Respirators

3M range of Reusable Respirators offers exceptional quality and value for money when protecting your workers against industrial gases, vapours and particulate hazards. Not only do these masks protect, but they are comfortable and easy to use.

Powered and Supplied Air Respirators

A Powered Air Respirator is a system that uses a fan to deliver filtered air into a variety of headtops and helmets. It allows high mobility. In contrast, 3M Supplied Air Respirators are designed to deliver clean air to the worker. The air can be supplied from a high pressure compressor. 3M offers several products that can connect to a supplied air system including hoods, helmets, full facepieces, half facepieces and loose-fitting facepieces. It allows limited mobility.

Choose The Right Respiratory Protection

There are differents aspects to consider when choosing respiratory protective equipment.

  • Identify the hazards
    • Each sector has its own risks and dangers. Whether the construction or automotive industry, it is crucial to list all the risks regarding respiratory protection. Is the worker exposed to gases and vapours?
  • Assess the risk
    • Evaluate the respiratory related risks. Consider skin, eye, face, head and body.
  • Select the right respirator
    • Choose the appropriate masks and systems. 3M has a wide range of disposable and reusable masks that offer a solution for nearly all risks and applications.
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