Mobile Work Order Planning Board with 9 Rows and Whiteboard - 9019-00125

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Product information

Do you want to use in more places within your company but you do not want to hang a work order planning board in every room? Then it is best the choose our mobile planning board with a magnetic whiteboard on the back. The mobile professional planning board is of the highest quality and has a long life.

This mobile work order planning board is the ideal solution when it comes to both mobile plans as present and is useful for many purposes. At the front equipped with 9 recessed rows to the DIN A4 work orders and work order press boards organized to store while the back features a writable and magnetic whiteboard to use during lectures, presentations, training sessions, brainstorming sessions, or as a support for complex calculations. At the bottom there is a handy storage compartment where you can store pens and markers.

Should you distribute the work among your colleagues? With the mobile planning board  everyone can see the schedule at first glance. You write the tasks on the planning board and your colleague can write by the status. Everyone stays this way up-to-date.

  • Freestanding and mobile
  • For A4 documents
  • 4 double swivel castors, 2 with a brake
  • The rear side is a writable (with standard markers) and magnetic whiteboard so that you  still can hang on papers with magnets. 
  • Equipped with a stable powder coated metal frame
  • Colour: silver grey
  • Easy installation
  • Dimensions: 1550 x 1945

In short, no obvious  work order press boards more in and around the reception area, where the work orders quickly and clearly yet again be found. Your advantage: time savings and customer satisfaction.

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SKU 9019-00125
number of Rows 9
Measurement 1550 x 1945 mm
Brand CROP
Packaging per stuk
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