HPX Waterproof Sandpaper 230x280mm sheets - 4 pieces

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Product information

HPX Waterproof Sanding Paper 230x280mm

HPX Waterproof Sandpaper 230x280mm are high quality hand sheets for sanding paint, lacquer, varnish, stain and coatings. These sheets of waterproof sandpaper can also be used to sand wood, polyester, plastic, plastics, metal, stainless steel and aluminum. You can use the HPX sanding sheets by hand and in combination with a sanding block or sanding cork! As the name says, you can use these waterproof sanding sheets for both dry and wet sanding.

Sanding sheets per 4 pieces

These HPX sanding sheets come in a blister pack of 4. This eliminates the need to order a large pack of 50 and allows you to purchase multiple sizes at once. Because you can buy the HPX sanding sheets per 4 pieces, this is ideal for small jobs!

Wet sandpaper

Wet sandpaper is used specifically to sand paint, varnish or a car. This wet sandpaper is used with water or degreaser. By wet sanding car paint or lacquer you get a finer scratch pattern where you get a nice matte end result. These HPX sanding sheets are waterproof so they will not tear when wet during wet sanding.

Sizes HPX waterproof abrasive sheets

  • P80
  • P120
  • P180
  • P240
  • P400
  • P600
  • P1000
  • P1200
  • P2000

Buy P3000 sandpaper?

Want to buy P3000 sandpaper? This abrasive is not (yet) available as HPX waterproof sanding paper. However, grit P2000 is so close to grit P3000 that it is almost the same! To sand even finer with P2000 sandpaper, you can use water with a little soap to make the sanding grain even finer! This will give you exactly the same result as sanding with P3000 sandpaper.

Features HPX Sandpaper Waterproof

  • High quality grain for beautiful scratch pattern
  • Suitable for dry and wet sanding
  • Can be used on all materials and surfaces
  • Ideal for sanding paint, varnish, stain etc
  • Can be used in combination with a sanding block or sanding cork
  • Handily packed per 4 pieces
Full product information

Pros and cons

  • Waterproof sandpaper of high quality
  • Suitable for sanding all surfaces and substrates
  • Creates an attractive sanding pattern
  • Per 4 pieces in blister pack


SKU conf-hpx-waterproof-schuurpapier-4
Type sandpaper Sanding pads
Implementation Does not apply
Measurement 230x280mm
Number of holes 0
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Fine sandpaper, dissolves well and lasts a long time
Bart |
Translated from Dutch
Premium product
Good value for money!
David |
Translated from Dutch
Premium product
Good value for money!
David |
Translated from Dutch
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