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HAMACH HR1000 Stainless Steel Micro Cleaner

HAMACH HR1000 Stainless Steel Micro Cleaner
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SKU 000457
Measurement 46 x 19 x 53cm
Brand Hamach
Packaging per stuk
Category Spray Gun Cleaners


HAMACH HR1000 Stainless Steel Micro Cleaner is a wall manual stainless steel washing tank, ideal for the manual cleaning of putty spreaders and small pieces. Equipped with a cleaning brush and automatic circulation of fluid.

Suitable to be used with the special Hamach cleaning fluid (009819). All you need is a connection to a compressed air line and fill the special cleaning fluid in the tank of the HR 1000.

Ready to use by opening the front flap. The front flap is also the cleaning table and when you close the flap the rest of the cleaning fluid flows back into the tank. The Micro 1000 can be connected to a steam extraction line. The Micro 1000 is developed for wall mounting and has a drain cock to drain the dirty cleaning fluid

  • Dimensions: 46 x 19 x 53 cm
  • Weight 15 kg
  • Working height: variable
  • Pressure 3-4 bar
  • Collecting container 7 litre
  • Extraction point: Ø 80 mm.

HAMACH HR 1000 micro spray cleaner

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