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Car wash brush

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Car Wash Brush

Car wash brush for cleaning the outside of a car, rims, truck, van or other high and hard-to-reach areas. Car wash brushes come with both long handle and short handle. The bristles of a car wash brush are soft and therefore safe for the paintwork to wash the car without scratching. At CROP you can buy car wash brushes suitable for any car paint and daily use. You can also choose from several well-known brands including Meguiars, CROP and The Rag Company. Looking for other products to clean your car? Then take a look at our extensive range and choose the product you are looking for.

What car wash brush to use for?

Car wash brush is used to thoroughly clean the entire exterior of a car, van, truck or commercial vehicle. Thanks to the handle, a car wash brush is easy to use which means you don't have to bend down and can get to high places you can't otherwise reach. The soft bristles of the washing brush form to the shape of the surface so no spot is missed during car washing. You can use a car wash brush for the following purposes, among others:

  • Washing tall cars and commercial vehicles
  • Washing trucks and vans
  • Cleaning of license plates
  • Cleaning of rims
  • Cleaning a ledge, gutter or dormer

Car wash brush

Car wash brush is a special washing brush to clean the car without using a sponge. Often such a washing brush is used to pre-clean the car before you start car washing or go through the car wash. Thanks to its bristles, the car wash brush removes the most stubborn dirt and gets to hard-to-reach places.

Truck wash brush

Truck wash brush is ideally suited to easily clean a truck, van, company bus or trailer with trailer. A truck wash brush has a long handle so you can reach everywhere without having to stand on stairs or stools. This allows you to work easily and comfortably.

Rotating wash brush

Rotary wash brush you use on a pressure washer and is called soft bristles. Due to the water from the pressure washer, the rotating wash brush rotates. This makes the rotating washing brush ideal for cleaning garden furniture, the car, boat, caravan, windows and tiles!

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