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  1. Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket - Smoked Obsidian Black
    Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket - Smoked Obsidian Black
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Car Wash Buckets

The best car wash buckets contain a dirt trap water filter and gamma seal lid. A dirt trap bucket filter is designed to trap the dirt at the bottom of the bucket and prevent the grit that has sunk to the bottom from being able to float back to the surface for get trapped in your washmitt.

Meguiar's Grit Guard Bucket

Preventing swirl marks is one of the biggest challenges in caring for today’s delicate clear coat finishes. Grit Guard helps prevent swirl marks inflicted during the wash process when small particles of dirt and debris are rubbed across the surface of the paint. Each time you dunk your wash mitt into the bucket to get more suds, rub it against the Grit Guard. This will help remove the dirt and leave it at the bottom of the bucket. Supplied with a 18.9 ltr bucket, in which the Grit Guard snugly fits.

The Rag Company Car Wash Bucket

The bucket consists of a Gamma Seal and Dirt Guard, also known as Grit Guard. Both parts have their own functionality that makes washing the car easier. Read below what the benefits are!

Gamma Seal

The plastic gamma seal lid allows you to transform a standard bucket or pail into an easy to use airtight container. The easy opening Gamma lid spins off to open and spins on to close, transforming your pail into a reusable storage container. The Gamma Seal Lid is a two piece sealing system comprised of 1) a universal adapter ring, and 2) a threaded replacement lid. To assemble, snap the adapter ring (B) to any 12" diameter bucket (C). Then, spin on the heavy duty gasket lid (A) for an easy to open/close airtight fit.

Dirt Guard (Grit Guard)

A Dirt Guard separates the dirt from the mitt for a scratch free wash. It breaks dirty water into four quadrants, which helps keep dirt at the bottom of the bucket. Radial surface extracts contaminants from wash mitts, brushes, and other cleaning tools.

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