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Concrete Paint

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Concrete Floor Paint

Concrete paint is available in different colours and qualities. We sell durable concrete floor paint that is resistant to car tires, UV rays, petrol and chemicals. Concrete floor paint is fast curing and flexible. Many of our concrete floor paints are also suitable for

  • Cement
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Tarmac
  • Asphalt surfaces

Protect Cement Floor Paint

Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Sealer is a transparent coating that protects concrete floor against external influences for a long time. One component, water-based, concrete sealer based on a vinyl acrylic binder. It reduces dust production and simplifies cleaning.

Best concrete paint for indoor and outdoor use

Rust-Oleum TARMACOAT can be used as a coating on asphalt, concrete, pavement, bitumen, on parking bays for short term or intermittent use, as line marking, on tennis courts, playgrounds and many more. Not suitable for garage floors. Concrete coating will cure sufficiently in approximately 24 hours to accept light traffic (bicycle, car, etc.). In instances where occasional heavy traffic may be expected, allow 48 hours before bringing the area back into service. Cold and damp weather can have a negative effect on drying times. This concrete coating is available in 9 colours!

Apply concrete coating

If you haven’t prepared your concrete floor properly, even the best concrete paint will fail to adhere properly. Remove any oil or grease spots on the floor. Use a scrub brush and a cleaner/degreaser or use a solvent such as mineral spirits. Scrub the spot thoroughly and wipe up excess cleaner with rags or paper towels to keep contaminants from spreading. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. You will need a floor cleaner, paint roller and mixing stick. Apply the concrete paint until you have achieved the desired coverage. Once you’ve applied one layer of paint, leave it to dry overnight before applying a second coat. This should be a quicker and easier process than the first, and it’s an important step for ensuring you have a fully sealed, properly protective surface.

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