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SEM Coatings

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SEM Special Coatings

SEM Products Inc. builds innovative products designed to reduce car repair time, steps and waste in every application. Since 1948, they have challenged themselves to create original automotive and industrial products that solve users’ problems. CROP sells a wide range of SEM products.

Candy Apple paint for vehicles

SEM Color Horizons Candy Concentrates is a candy paint line of transparent pigments that add spectacular colour to custom paint jobs. Candy red paint is the most popular colour. Candy paint give a visual impression of incredible depth and look luminous. Candy paint has the following features

  • 8 fantastic colours (winefire, sun dance, aqua blue, royal blue, mandarin, mint green, passion purple, apple red, california gold and magenta)
  • Three to four coats is sufficient
  • Outstanding depth and clarity
  • Clean, briljant colours
  • Easy to apply
  • High quality
  • Can be combined with SEM effect pigments
  • Compatible with multiple car paint technologies on solvent base

SEM Horizons Custom Finish Flakes for car spray paint and clear coat

SEM Custom Finish Flakes are precision cut resin coated chips that are epoxy coated for adding intense sparkle to custom paint jobs. These paint flakes contain silver particles for an extra shimmering effect. SEM paint flakes mix with most solvent base car paint. Simply just add to car spray paint or clear coat.

SEM Rock-It Liner Kit

SEM Rock-It XC is a high-quality textured coating that provides a durable protective finish for truck beds, recreational vehicles, industrial equipment, restoration and more. It has the following features

  • Best-in-class durablility, gloss and texture
  • Excellent sound dampening
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Superior fade resistance and UV stability

Buy SEM Coatings?

SEM products can be used for cars, motorcycles, trucks, airplanes and many more. When you order your products before 10 PM, we will ship it the same day!

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