U-POL REFACE 2K Polyester Spray Putty 1 liter

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Product information

U-POL REFACE Spray Putty

U-POL REFACE Spray Putty for filling holes, cracks and dents in surfaces. This 2K spray putty filler of U-POL is easy to use with a spray gun and adheres to all materials. Because the spray putty has a high filling power, you can level out unevennesses and the spray putty is easy to sand smooth. After drying, you can overspray the U-POL spray putty with 1K and 2K primer as desired for optimal adhesion!

Sprayble putty

Sprayable putty that fills dents, cracks and holes in the surface. A 2K filling putty you spray with a paint gun to get an even coverage. Because of this, a spray putty is widely used to make major repairs such as spraying a car in spray putty. This U-POL REFACE spray putty is a very easy to spray spray putty for on bodywork and other car parts.

Spray putty for car bodywork

Looking for a spray putty for car bodywork? This U-POL REFACE is a high quality spray putty to spray putty on car bodywork. The 2K spray putty levels out unevenness in body panels after which you can sand the spray putty smooth so the car is ready to be primed!

Features U-POL REFACE 2K Spray Putty

  • Professional spray putty
  • Very high filling power
  • Spray putty is easy to sand
  • Comes with hardener
  • Can be refinished with 1K and 2K primer
  • Mixing ratio: 2%
Full product information

Pros and cons

  • Spray putty with very high filling power
  • Easy to sand smooth
  • Paintable with 1K and 2K primer
  • Ideal for large repairs
  • Available only in the color gray


Filler type 2K (2-component)
Brand U-POL
Contents 1 liter
Packaging per piece
All specifications

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