EURO-CRYL Turpentine - 1 Litre (Small Package)

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Product information

EURO-CRYL turpentine is specifically designed for thinning alkyd lacquers, oil and synthetic lacquers. By the addition of EURO-CRYL turpentine is the drying time slowed down as a result, there is an optimal flow of your lacquers. Also, it is very suitable for degreasing of metals and mineral spirits to brushes and paint rollers to clean. You can also remove lacquer stains on linoleum and parquet. It is not suitable as diluent for latex lacquers and acrylics.

Usage / dosage: Turpentine is a ready-made product and immediately applicable. For diluting your lacquers or varnishes you can add professional turpentine until the proper viscosity has been reached. Professional turpentine can be used for degreasing of metals, metal you can clean with a brush or with a cloth. You can use turpentine with a cloth on the entire surface to be cleaned.

Use for:

  • Diluting lacquer
  • Cleaning of brushes, paint rollers
  • Degreasing new hardboard
  • Removing grease stains on linoleum and parquet

Larger packages are available on request!

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SKU 17180
Paint component 1K (1-component)
Quality Terpentine
Type Thinner
Brand CROP
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